Where do our students go next?

Destinations information for our students is very positive in comparison to national performance.

Not only did 25% of our students go to Russell Group universities with 100% heading off to university in total, 75% of our students gained their first choice university as their placement.

  • 77% of 18 year olds nationally received their first choice offer through UCAS in 2015 and 82% received their first or second choice
  • Of Ark students finding places through clearing, over 80% chose the exact same course as their first choice option, just at a different provider. This is positive and suggests that students are not making entirely random decisions as part of the clearing process
  • 8 students ‘adjusted’ up to Russell Group universities through clearing and 15 students were accepted by other Russell Group universities through the process 


Of our Year 11s, we have managed to evidence that 98% of them are firmly in appropriate ongoing education or employment with education attached to it. We continue to attempt contact with the remaining few to confirm their next steps. This means that more of our students go on into meaningful next steps than happens nationally.