Acting Principal's Welcome

It is an absolute privilege to be appointed as Acting Principal at Charter Academy.  

Ark Charter Academy will provide every student with the opportunity to thrive within a rich combination of academic and personal growth. Our vision is to create a whole child that will be resilient and equipped with skills, confidence and academic achievement to go on to university or follow the career path of their choice, no matter what their start point. 

Every student will start a new and exciting journey of learning for the new academic year of September 2018- July 2019. The voyage of personal and academic discovery at Charter Academy will shape every student to be all they can be by clearly establishing individual strengths and weaknesses, which will be improved upon and supported by a dedicated staff. 

As a school, I/we serve our community, maximizing potential so that every student achieves academically, socially and emotionally, thus ensuring every child actively participates in their personal growth. We are very proud of Charter Academy as a school and our ‘Good’ Ofsted (Dec 2016) and ‘Good’ SIAMS Inspection (June 2017) unequivocally endorse the strength of leadership and school outcomes at all levels, as supported by the excerpts from their reports below: 

“The vision for the academy to serve the challenging needs of its local community has not waivered since its opening (September 2009), but the appointment of a new Principal (September 2016) has proved a pivotal point in its development. His uncompromising and inspirational leadership has swiftly achieved transformation”. 

“The remarkable level of attention given by all staff to the wellbeing and achievement of all students is improving their life chances and self-belief”. 

“The 3A’s (Aspirationfor All, Achievementfor All, and Active Participationfor All), have created a new sense of purpose but it is the three core Christian values of Justice, CourageandRespect that are widely regarded as having breathed new life into the existing Christian character of the academy”. 

“Pastoral care is of the highest quality. It touches students’ lives in ways that alleviate the impact of hardship on their wellbeing and achievement”. 

We will consistently ensure that all students continually gain in confidence and ambition, learning to successfully express and communicate with peers and adults alike. We will take every opportunity to build upon each year’s progress and achievement, raising our students’ expectations of themselves and their future by equipping them to go on to university or the career of their choice. 

At Charter Academy, we will relentlessly employ excellent teaching and superb pastoral care. We expect our students to work equally hard to achieve and challenge themselves, developing a continual thirst for learning. Close community relationships between staff and students, parents and carers will feature strongly throughout every day at our school. The partnership between home and school is a critical link that I will be conscious of and continuously develop so that together we can work to maximise the experience and opportunity of every young person, as they so richly deserve. 

We want every student to be proud of their school and themselves as they embark on their journey of self-discovery, culminating in high achievement and a desire to make their impression in the world of work and in life. 

As Acting Principal, I resolve to put the students at the centre of all that we do and my leadership, in unison with my senior/middle leaders, teachers and non-teachers will focus on the learning experience and opportunities presented to each and every student. 

I consider Charter Academy to be an amazing place to learn and I look forward to seeing you and your son or daughter throughout the academic year of 2018-19. 

Mr Masters 

Acting Principal