Additional Year 7 places for September 2017

In support of our partnership with PCC and their pupil forecast, Charter Academy is pleased to offer a further 60 places in our Year 7 cohort starting September 2017.

If you wish to apply for one of these places please contact PCC admissions or the Academy directly.

PCC Admissions   Email:   Phone: 02392 688008

Charter Academy   Email:   Phone: 02392 824204

Careers Advice

Students in Year 11 are given individual appointments for careers advice from an external Careers Advisor. This gives the student the opportunity to discuss their future plans and the Advisor will recommend the options available to them.

Mrs Johnson has the prospectuses for the local colleges in her office. The prospectus provides the student information regarding the courses available should they decide to go to college. Students can collect them from Mrs Johnson.

Mrs Johnson maintains a tracking sheet to monitor the student’s careers interviews, college visits/interviews and will help them with any additional information they require regarding their futures. Once they have left school Mrs Johnson will continue to monitor their progress for further education/jobs/apprenticeships.