Leavers Assembly - Friday 29th June

To support students travelling from College Induction Events, we have amended the times of our Leavers Event.

Students should arrive from 3.45pm and go through to St Luke's church with the Leavers Assembly starting at 4pm.

This will be followed by a BBQ in the canteen and quad area which will finish at 5.30pm.
(Students do not need to stay until 5.30pm and may leave after the Leavers Assembly if they prefer.) 

Students are not required to wear uniform but may bring a shirt to wear if they want to participate in shirt signing.

The Venerable Dr. Joanne Grenfell, Archdeacon of Portsdown visits Charter Academy

The Archdeacon of Portsdown kindly came to officially open the prayer room on Tuesday 5th April. Charter was lucky enough to also be joined by Canon Bob White and Reverend Annie McCabe of St Luke’s. The prayer room is for all staff and students and is regularly used. The prayer room is a reflective space where students can ask questions about faith, pray or go to speak to someone.

The Archdeacon also spent time in year nine and ten lessons being asked various questions about her faith. The students had a fantastic time and felt honoured to meet The Archdeacon.