Faith in school

Charter Academy is undergoing exciting improvements which are aimed at further developing the social, moral, spiritual and cultural lives of our students. Now existing at Charter Academy is a group of staff who meet weekly, the group is called ‘FISCH’ which stands for, ‘Faith in School’. We felt that this name was appropriate as even though we are a Church of England school, we are also very respectful of all other faiths and we wanted our name to reflect this. 

What happens at Charter?

Prayer Meeting – Once a week a small (but growing) prayer group of staff and students meet and pray for the academy, our students and staff.

Student-written prayer for the academy.

Youth work – Breakfast Club

FISCH (Faith in schools)-This is a group of staff members and local clergy who discuss the Christian values. The group discuss topics such as Collective Worship and Charity work. The group welcomes all visitors.

Thoughts for the week are used in tutor time, weekly Collective Worship (assembly). – The academy benefits from 'Thought for the Weeks' which encourages staff and students to reflect upon the lives of one another and the wider community. More detail can be found in our thoughts for the week tab.

Whole school Collective Worship: Charter also holds a whole school collective worship for staff and students who have a very thought-provoking and inspiring assembly, led by our great links to the Church. The dates for the next collective worship is:

6th July 2017 15:00-16:00

School Pastors - School Pastors visit the Academy during Friday lunch times. This allows students to discuss anything including religious beliefs.

Eucharist - There will be a monthly Eucharist service starting shortly after Easter Holiday. This will be led by Rev. Annie McCabe.

Monthly Bible Quote

“Lord, let me ‘not become weary in doing good,’ knowing that I will reap a harvest at the proper time if I do not give up.” (based on Galatians 6:9)

It is a difficult time for many of our students as we approach the end of year exams. It is important that as a community we all support one another.