Open Evening for Prospective Parents

Ark Charter Academy Open Evening is on Monday 23rd September 2019 5.00-7.30pm. 

All prospective students and their parents and carers are welcome. See the Open Days drop down on the Admissions tab above for more information.


Attendance Matters

  • Students should aim at 100% attendance.
  • Missing days at the academy are costly: 6 lessons a day is over 5 hours of your learning gone and it is very difficult to get this back.
  • If you are absent from the academy please ask your parent/carer to phone the Attendance Officer on 02392824204
  • When you return to the academy bring a note which explains your absence and hand it to your advisor.
  • If for any reason you miss morning or afternoon registration you must sign in for health and safety reasons to the academy at reception.
  • If you are late in the morning without a valid reason you can expect a detention.
  • Persistent truancy may result in exclusion.
  • The academy actively discourages holidays being taken during the term.  Learning time is too valuable.  Any application for authorisation of a holiday in term time for any length of time must be made in writing at least two weeks before departure.
  • Students who have a low attendance rate (i.e. below 95%) will be referred to the Attendance Monitoring Service and their parents may be prosecuted.

Ark Charter Attendance and Punctuality Policy 

Additional Information