Additional Year 7 places for September 2017

In support of our partnership with PCC and their pupil forecast, Charter Academy is pleased to offer a further 60 places in our Year 7 cohort starting September 2017.

If you wish to apply for one of these places please contact PCC admissions or the Academy directly.

PCC Admissions   Email:   Phone: 02392 688008

Charter Academy   Email:   Phone: 02392 824204


From the hidden machinery of the cell to the elegant progress of evolution, Biology unveils the secrets of life. 

Biology is one of the most popular A Level subjects in the country, attracting students studying a wide range of other subjects. Many of these students enjoy the subject so much they eventually choose a biologically related degree course. Others go on to careers in law, computing, accounting or teaching. So, whatever field you will eventually work in, you will find biology a very rewarding and challenging course which will develop many of the skills essential for a successful career.

During year 12 the students' will study the following subject content:

  1. Lifestyle, Health and Risk
  2. Genes and Health
  3. Voice of the Genome
  4. Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  5. Experimental Methods

At the end of Year 12, students will complete two AS exam papers.

In Year 13, students will be studying to complete their full A-Level. This will involve revisiting the subject content from Year 12, but also covering exciting new topics:

  1. On the Wild Side
  2. Immunity, Infection and Forensics
  3. Run for your Life
  4. Grey Matter
  5. Experimental Methods

The A level assess all content covered in both year 12 and 13 in three examination papers.


At Charter Academy, students are required to have a GCSE grade of B or better in Biology or BB in Additional and Core Science.