At Charter Academy every student will start a new and exciting journey of learning from the age of eleven (Year 7) to the age of eighteen (Year 13). The voyage of personal and academic discovery will shape every student to be all they can be by clearly establishing individual strengths and weaknesses, that will be improved upon and supported by a dedicated staff.

We will ensure that all students continually gain in confidence, ambition and learn to successfully express and communicate with each other and adults alike. Every opportunity to build upon each year’s progress and achievement will be taken to raise expectations of themselves and their future by equipping them to go on to university or the career of their choice.

At Charter Academy we will work hard with excellent teaching and superb pastoral care. We expect our students to work equally hard to achieve and challenge themselves to develop a continuing thirst for learning. Close community relationships between staff and students, parents and carers will feature strongly throughout every day at our school. The partnership between home and school is a critical link that I will be conscious of and continuously develop so that together we can work to maximise the experience and opportunity of every young person which they so richly deserve.

We want every student to be proud of their school and themselves as they embark on a journey of self-discovery that culminates in high achievement with desires to make their impression in the world of work and in life.

I am very proud to commence my eighth year at Charter Academy in September 2016 in the privileged position of Principal, building on the past years’ experience as the Senior Vice Principal. My resolve to put the student at the centre of all that we do and my leadership will focus on the learning experience and opportunities presented to each and every student.

I consider Charter Academy to be an amazing place to learn and I look forward to welcoming you and your son or daughter to our school.

Mr C Barnes