We want to hear your views please

At Ark Charter Academy we are always keen to hear your views so we can ensure that we are delivering the best education environment possible.
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Parent/Carer Survey 2019/20

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Student Survey 2019/20

How we are organised

The academy is organised so that all students are given support and guidance through the pastoral and academic systems. Students are divided into tutor groups, which form part of a single Year group. The year team is led by a Head of Year, who oversees the progress the year group are making. For parents the tutor is the main method of communicating with the academy. If the tutor cannot resolve an issue, the Head of Year will support the tutor.

When we refer to KS3, we mean year 7, 8 and 9. KS4 is year 10 and 11.

The various departments are each led by a Subject Leader who have overall responsibility for the progress of students within their department.

We have the following departments:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science and ICT/Computing
  • PE
  • Art
  • Business 
  • Humanities - RE, History and Geography
  • Performing Arts  - Music and Drama 
  • Modern Foreign Languages