Dear Parent or Carer,

Charter Academy is very much looking forward to welcoming your Y6 child to school in September.

We need to gather information to ensure your child can safely start at Charter next term and we have the information we need to be able to put the right arrangements in place for every child. During June 2022 a member of Charter staff will contact parents and carers individually by phone to have a general discussion about your child and for you to be able to ask any questions, and give us important information we need to know.

We also need to make sure we have contact information, medical information and consents from you in writing and request you use the links below to complete the forms online as soon as you can. We use Microsoft Forms as it is both confidential and secure. Our GDPR policy as well as our privacy notices for parents, carers and students are available on Charter website. I recommend you read these and read the privacy statement for students in years 7-8 with your child. They can be found on this link:

Please can you click on the links to complete the forms as soon as you can. Ideally by the end of June 2022 please.


New Y7 September 2022 Student Contact and Personal Information Form



New Y7 Student Medical, Social and SEND Form



New 7 September 2022 Student Parent/Carer Consents Form


Application for free School Meals Form

You only need to complete this form if you wish to apply for Free School Meals.



If you have questions, please email or phone 02392 824204 to speak to reception. If you need to leave a message, please remember to give your name and your child’s name and explain your child hasn’t yet started at Charter - we will contact you as soon as possible.