School Closure

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25th March 2020

Please click here for our most recent letter to parents and carers dated 25th March 2020.


We all have our part to play in helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This means we must stay at home to protect the NHS and help save lives.


Community Classrooms for vulnerable students and key workers’ children


Parents should keep children at home wherever possible and thanks to everyone across our community who has followed that advice. The fewer children making the journey to school and the fewer children in our Community Classrooms, the lower the risk of the virus spreading.


The purpose of our Community Classroom is to provide care for the children of key workers and children who are vulnerable. Only children in these categories can attend. Information on the list of key workers is here.


Any parents who meet the criteria and who want their children to attend the Community Classroom must let us know, giving details, otherwise we cannot guarantee places.


We will ask parents on a weekly basis tore-confirm if they want to continue using the Community Classroom in school.


We are working to maintain as much stabilityfor the students education as possible. Whilst it is not possible to fully replicate the educational experience at home, we are putting in place plans to make sure students can still access work and teachers are able to support their learning. Learning resources for each year group have been posted on our website and you and your children can email our staff for support. Staff email addresses can be found

We will update this page and keep in touch with parents and students via our website, texts and letters.



Please continue to follow health guidance.   



Thank you to everyone for your understanding during these challenging times and a heartfelt thanks to our NHS and key workers who are working so hard to look after us all.


If you need to contact the school, please phone 02392824204 and leave a voicemail. Voicemails are being forwarded to the relevant member of staff. Alternatively you can email



This is an unsettling and disruptive time for everyone and we will work together as a school and local community to face the challenging times ahead. Thank you for your support and understanding during these exceptional circumstances. If we can do anything more to help your family, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Admissions policy

Our prospectus

Click here to download our current prospectus 

How to apply

From July 17th 2017 applications will be done solely through Portsmouth City Council (the academy will no longer be able to accept direct applications). 

There are two ways to apply for a year 7 place for 2020:

  • Online through the School Admissions website - Please note for In-Year applications you are unable to apply online and must download the admissions form from the PCC website.
  • By completing a paper application form which you can obtain from the Portsmouth City Council admissions team on 023 9268 8008 or download from their website

Please note there is a supplementary form for Charter Academy.


Charter Academy Admissions

Charter Academy Admission Policy 2021-22 

Charter Academy Admission Policy 2020-21

Charter Academy Admission Policy 2019-20




Admissions criteria

Charter Academy is a non-selective school for local children. If the academy is oversubscribed, priority will be given to students with statements of special educational needs, where the academy is named on the statement. The remaining places will then be offered in the following order of priority:

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children.
  • Children of staff of the school where there is a demonstrable skill shortage
  • Children who have a sibling who already attends the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission (for this purpose “sibling” means a whole, half or step-brother or -sister resident at the same address).
  • Children of staff of the school (where there is no skill shortage).
  • Pupils who live in the catchment area for the Academy (see the policy for definition).
  • Children currently attending one of the following primary schools within the catchment area: St. Jude’s CE Primary School/ Cottage Grove Primary School/Arundel Court Junior School/ Flying Bull Primary School/ ARK Dickens Primary Academy/ ARK Ayrton Primary Academy/ St. George’s Beneficial CE Primary School.
  • Straight line distance measurement.

The full admissions policy for 2020/21 is available in the previous section titled "Charter Academy Admissions".

For in-year admissions, please see our 2020/21 policy.

This policy was amended on 16 December 2015 with the authorisation of the Education Funding Agency to clarify that applicants within the catchment area would be prioritised by straight line distance from the school.

The academy keeps a waiting list which is used to fill casual vacancies occurring if students leave during the year, or withdraw from a place that has been offered.

In-year admissions

The academy coordinates in-year admissions for students wishing to join the school mid-year. Parents/guardians should apply via Portsmouth City Council.

If your application is unsuccessful, your child will be place on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria found in the admissions policy.


Admissions Officer - Mrs Dymott
phone: 02392 824204


Appeals for children refused a place at a preferred school for admission to Year 7 in September will be heard in line with the School Admissions Appeals Code (2012).  

  Offer date Deadline for lodging an appeal
Secondary   2 March 2020 date for 2020 to be confirmed

‘On-time’ appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals. Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date. 

Mid-year appeals must be heard within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal.

Parents/carers will be notified of their appeal date by Portsmouth City Council.

Any additional evidence parents/carers wish to submit in support of their appeal must be sent to Portsmouth City Council at least 5 working days before the hearing. Any evidence not submitted by this deadline might not be considered by the independent appeal panel.

If you wish to appeal for a place in Year 7, please click here for the secondary appeal form.