Ark Charter Summer Camp 2021

From 26th July to 6th August Ark Charter welcomed 100 new to school Year 7 pupils at our Summer Camp. We offered an exciting range of activities mixed in with plenty of academic learning.

What our pupils experienced:

  • Literacy lessons in tandem with The Guardian newspaper and led by our own literacy teaching expert
  • Maths learning – applying the numbers to everyday life!
  • Science experiements - Setting off bottle rockets in the playground!
  • Swimming – using our very own indoor pool. Those who could not swim at the outset of the camp could by the end!
  • Cooking – Rocky Roads, muffins and shortbreads all made the mix!
  • Survival in the wilderness – Fire making, cooking what you catch (!), setting up a wild camp site all featured and were led by wilderness survival experts
  • Arts and Crafts
  • African drumming
  • Team building activites

The 2 weeks were enjoyed immensely by pupils and staff. Those who participated reported that they felt part of the school community even before formally joining the school in September.

This Summer Camp constituted part of the Covid-19 Recovery Scheme and was fully funded by the Department for Education to whom we extend our gratitude.


Costs associated with the running of Summer School 2021

Staff costs


Catering Costs


Activity / Resources costs


Total cost of Summer School


Funding applied for from the DfE to cover the cost of the summer school


Funding received from the DfE