Home Learning

Home learning is an integral part of developing every student and ensuring that they reach their academic potential.

The purpose of home learning is:

  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding.
  • To extend learning.
  • To encourage students to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work on their own.
  • To develop time management skills.

All students are set homework tasks by their teachers. This additional work helps to ensure that all students are fully supported in progressing towards their targets and consolidating their learning.

Amount of home learning

Year 7: students should spend 20-30 minutes on each subject.

Year 8: students should spend 30 minutes on each subject.

Year 9: students should spend 30-40 minutes on each subject.

Years 10 and 11: students should spend one to one and a half hours on each subject.

Homework Club

Our homework club runs from 3.15pm until 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the Library.

This is a great opportunity for students who need extra help with their homework or just want to do their homework in a quiet place.

Students - If that's you, then the Homework Club is the place for you. Come one, come all...