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At Ark Charter Academy we are always keen to hear your views so we can ensure that we are delivering the best education environment possible.
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Homework Timetable

We expect students and parents to recognise the fundamental role of homework as a means of developing independent learning skills. Homework is set according to a homework timetable. Whilst homework may not be set every week in each subject, the day it is set, and is due in, will be in line with the timetable below.

Homework Timetable 2016-17

Students are expected to write their homework in their planner. Parents are expected to check the planners each day and ensure that the homework is completed to a high standard. For parents the planner is also a means of communicating with their child's tutor. The academy will provide opportunities for some homework to be completed at after school clubs or during breakfast club, therefore there is no excuse for not completing it.

If you have any questions regarding homework please contact your child's class teacher, tutor or YLM.