Charter Academy specialises in Mathematics and Performing Arts.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts specialism offers students the chance to develop their talents in music, dance and drama. We stage an annual production at a local theatre and have regular smaller in house concerts. We take part in the ARK wide musical events, such as One Voice and the massed choir/instrumental performances.

We cherish our strong relationship with local businesses and groups, such as The Kings Theatre, The Theatre Royal, Express FM radio station, The Old Blacksmiths Recording Studio and the young people's charity, Music Fusion. We are proud that we are involved annually with the Portsmouth Schools Festival, The Shakespeare Schools Festival, The Pyramid Project with a number of local primaries and Evensong at the Cathedral.

We are very pleased to offer music tuition on almost all instruments and we employ a range of talented music teachers.


At Charter Academy we believe passionately that Mathematics is not about solely about teaching students to be numerate but also helping them develop intellectually so that they are better equipped to succeed in life.

We follow the pioneering Mathematics Mastery programme developed by ARK Schools. It is an evidence based approach derived from the principles of Singapore, one of the highest performing nations in mathematics, and adapted to the needs of our pupils.

Our provision stretches well beyond mathematics lessons: we are building a school-wide commitment to both equity and excellence in mathematics. The teaching of mathematics across the curriculum is not a bolt on, it is built in.

Examples of this include the Mathematics led STEM club and charity fundraising events such as the NSPCC Number Day and World Maths Day in support of UNICEF.