End of Term Arrangements

Tuesday 17th December 2019 to Wednesday 8th January 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

End of term arrangement December 2019

We are writing to inform you of the arrangements for the last two days of the half term at Ark Charter Academy and the first day back after the Christmas break.

Tuesday the 17th of December

The School Christmas concert will be taking place at the academy from 18:00. We would love to see you there.

Thursday the 19th of December

On the 19th Christmas lunches will take place. Each tutor group will be sent to the canteen on a rolling rota with their tutors to enjoy a festive meal and a chance to relax and enjoy time with their tutor group. Students will be dismissed after their lunch according to the times below.


Dismissal times on the 19th of December 2019

Year 10 and year 11 – 12:15

Year 8 and year 9 – 13:15

Year 7 – 14:15

All students will be off site by 14:30.


A lunch will be provided for all students so there will be no need to provide a packed lunch if you normally do so. If you choose to still provide a packed lunch, your child will need to eat it in the canteen with their tutor group during their allotted lunch time.


Friday the 20th of December

The 20th will be a non-uniform, Christmas jumper day. Celebration assemblies will take place throughout the morning and tutor groups will work with their tutors on some resources based on the Academy’s core values and skills. All students will be dismissed from the site at 12:00

Monday the 6th of January

The 6th will be an inset day, there will be no school on this day

Tuesday the 7th of January

The 7th will be the start of the spring term and a full school day. All students should arrive at 08:40 for the normal start time of 08:45.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season

Warm regards,

Tom McPherson

Associate Assistant Principal