An Introduction from the Principal of Ark Charter

I am writing to introduce myself as the Principal of Ark Charter Academy, and to share my vision for the future of the school.

My vision for the school is to ensure our students achieve both academically and socially beyond personal expectations and prior attainment, they experience an outstanding and enjoyable education and are able to sustain the life of their choice whilst making a positive contribution to their community.

We can achieve this ambitious vision through addressing three key areas: improving outcomes for all young people, secondly maintaining the relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning and finally developing high standards of behaviour, life skills and character in all our young people that will equip them for their future after leaving Ark Charter.

I know that I am leading a team of committed staff who place students at the centre of all they do and are relentless in their drive to provide the best learning experience and opportunities to each and every student.

As part of Ark Schools, we have access to world class staff training and development, as well as expertise from across the network. Being part of a family of schools ensures that we can keep learning and evaluating our impact to ensure that every child who comes to Ark Charter leaves as an academically successful, compassionate, valued member of our community.

It is the job of schools and parents to help children realise their talents and flourish. I look forward to us working together to achieve this for your child. I am excited to see our students through your eyes and share the great things they will do throughout their days at Ark Charter. I will also work with you should they need help navigating any aspect of the school day.

Our values and ethos are based in Christian principles and whilst we welcome people of all faith and none, we expect all students to respect each other's faith.

As Principal, I resolve to place our students at the centre of everything we do. I consider Ark Charter to be an amazing place to learn and I look forward to developing our relationship throughout 2019-20.

Mrs E Morey