‘Big Ideas’ regional finals at Portsmouth University

Friday 13 May 2022

As you know some of our Y7’s competed in the ‘Big Ideas’ regional finals at Portsmouth University. We just wanted to let you know how amazing they all were, They were so well behaved, confident and represented our school in a truly outstanding way. One of the teams were awarded the Runners up in the competition which is such a huge achievement given that we had very little time to prepare, and there were over 70 initial applicants!! Another of the teams were offered 1:1 support from a local charity/counsellor if they want to continue with their idea. Give them  huge congratulations! We are enormously proud of them as I am sure you will be too. We certainly have some mini entrepreneurs in our school!

Lylie, Amelia, Elise, Riley, Crystal-Lee, Betsey-B, Indie, Lily-Mai, Ralf, Riley, Saffie.