Local artist creates mural for Charter Academy

Wednesday 22 November 2017

On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th October, Charter Academy welcomed the internationally acclaimed street artist My Dog Sighs into the school to paint a mural representing the students and ethos of the school. Students from across the school felt privileged and excited to meet the artist and watch him at work as he painted an eight foot square mural which is now hung on the school wall for all to revere and enjoy. Nine students from different year groups were also featured within the work as they were asked to pose for the reflection within the eye; a feature synonymous with My Dog Sigh's work. 

My Dog Sighs, a.k.a Paul Stone, first visited the school back in the summer term to meet with Miss Bryce and her art club, who were already in the process of planning a mural for the school site.  

"We wanted to include our core values of 'Justice, Courage and Respect', as well as reflecting the life and soul of our school." 

Freya, Year 8 student

Paul came into the school and met with Miss Bryce, Head of Art, Mr Barnes, Principal, and the art club students to discuss the subject matter, colours, background and share his love of expressive line and colour. 

Miss Bryce and Mrs Ingoe also took a group of thirty Year 8 art students to Paul's studio in September to meet him, and discuss his work and ideas as well as witness the artist within his own space, which was truly inspirational.

"Paul has contributed so much to Charter Academy, and we are forever grateful for his time, commitment and passion towards art, the school and the students. We were captivated by Paul's work and ideas; he gave countless talks to so many year groups over the two days, and we have been continuing with the 'Street Art' theme in year's 8, 9 and 10.  The students are hooked."

Miss Bryce, Head of Art at Charter Academy

"Paul's mural will inspire current and future year groups.  On behalf of the Governors and myself, Paul will be extended a rite of passage in to Charter Academy to see his work, as well as to visit the students and teachers for years to come.  In partnership with Paul we are currently producing a plaque to go alongside the mural to commemorate My Dog Sighs and the link between Charter and the community it serves."
Mr Barnes, Principal of Charter Academy. 

Further photographs of Paul's mural, studio visit and inspiration can be found on our social media pages.