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Pupil Premium Awards 2015

Charter Academy was awarded £250,000 in funding for its work in providing a high quality education for students from low income backgrounds as part of the Department for Education's Pupil Premium Awards.

At an award ceremony in London attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of State for Schools, the staff and students were praised for their hard work in spite of challenging circumstances.

Dame Sharon Hollows, Principal of Charter Academy, said: “I really appreciate this prize because it’s in recognition of the hard work that the staff have done and the children have done. It also supports our parents who care so much about the children. This will enable us to help them even more. I’m really looking forward to being able to help other schools use their pupil premium effectively."

Dame Sharon added that she recognised what a transforming effect a good education can have: “Somebody asked me the other day why I do this. I don’t just do this because I really enjoy my job. I do it because somebody did it for me. I wouldn’t be here today if some great teachers hadn’t done it for me many years ago.”