Striving for excellence

Our teachers and support staff work hard every day to inspire each and every student to develop skills which will help them to achieve their full potential - both in the classroom and beyond. We pride ourselves in recognising hard work and rewarding it accordingly, providing opportunities for professional and personal growth in school and across the wider Ark network.

We have a very strong focus on academic excellence – prioritising reading, writing and maths for as long as each student needs – but couple this with developing students as leaders ready to build a better future for themselves, their families and their community. We do this through explicitly teaching our students how to work hard for themselves and to help others, as well as how to have fun.

Training opportunities

We provide regular coaching sessions, weekly departmental meetings, twice as many training days as standard, plenty of collaboration in school and across the Ark network.

Our CPD offer is tailored based on the individual needs of the teacher and the department and caters for staff at every stage of their career with strands for NQTs, middle leaders and senior leaders.

Be part of a network

Joining our school means becoming part of a network of education experts who are all united by the same purpose - a commitment to making a difference where it matters most. You will have the opportunity to come together with your peers locally, nationally and sometimes even internationally, to share resources, learning and good practice.  You'll also be supported to focus on what you do best. We are always looking for ways to take away additional pressures, to give you more freedom to concentrate on improving education outcomes for young people. We offer support beyond the classroom; from prioritising strong behaviour management strategies to giving you access to our award-winning data management platform. 

Have a impact far beyond your own school

If you want to be part of the effort to advance and improve education, join Ark. From creating and working with new curricula and teaching techniques, to collaborating with other schools and partners to share what works, we’re always aiming for system change. Through Ark Ventures, we incubate, launch and scale initiatives, such as Mathematics Mastery, English Mastery, Institute for Teaching and Ambition School Leadership, that address some of the most intractable issues in education and society – in the UK and around the world.