Feedback from the parent questionnaire (Parent Voice)

In the summer term 2020 we asked parents to give feedback on their experience of Ark Charter Academy. Parent voice is an integral part of the school development plan and we recognise the importance of parents and carers support and engagement in student educational achievement.

Parents praised our attention to the discipline, academic rigour and character development that we work to instil in their in their children.  They shared comments such as, “I greatly appreciate all the planning and hard work done by staff to help my child” and “teachers listen and help my children to feel safe and happy in school”.

From the responses, we identified home learning and engaging more with the local community as areas where parents wanted more work done. This has been built into Ark Charter development plan for community engagement as 3 key headings:

  • To positively promote Charter Academy within the local community
  • To act as a liaison between parents/guardians and teachers on general school matters
  • To raise funds for the benefit of the Charter Academy school community and local charities

New initiatives are running this academic year based on this feedback. Due to coronavirus we have successfully moved these events online and there has been excellent participation from parents. For example, parental workshops based on supporting children with their home learning as well as dealing with challenging teenagers have been shared with parents, including a Literacy and Numeracy event for Year 8 and 9 parents, a Year 10 Careers and Engagement parent workshop, a Year 7 parents coffee evening on Managing Anxiety and Raising Resilient Children and several fund-raising activities have taken place so far. Thank you to all those who participated. Future events include:

  •  March 9, 2021- “Helping Students Look after their Wellbeing” This is aimed at all year 8 and 9 parents
  •  July 13, 2021- Quiz night for all parents

We plan to run the questionnaire again in the summer of 2021.

Parents and carers can give their views of our school at any time of the school year using the following email account:

Your views are important in helping us shape our school.

  • You are vital to the success of the school
  • You will be part of a great network
  • Make a difference – we aim to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school
  • Your voice matters – your ideas and involvement can help improve the quality of education for all the children at our school

If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to give your views, you are welcome to phone and speak to the school reception.