The Solent NHS Trust immunisation team deliver school immunisation programme in Portsmouth and Southampton for children aged 4 up to their 18 birthday in schools.

School Aged Immunisation Changes 20/21

There are some changes to the School Aged Immunisation programmes this year which are outlined below.


  • There is a programme change for HPV which remains a 2-dose programme but is changing from 2 dose per academic year to 1 dose per academic year.
  • The program is moving the 1st dose in September/ October to 1st dose in March/ April for year 8 pupils.
  • The school nurse team will be coming into schools for 2 days in March/ April.    Day 1 will be for current year 8(2020/2021 cohort) and day 2 will be for year 9 (this will include any legacy HPV dose 2 for the current year 8 that we have not captured).
  • Day 2 will also include catch up for current year 9, 10, 11


Nasal Influenza

Nasal Flu has been delivered in Primary schools since 2015

  • Nasal Influenza: Autumn term
  • Year R through Year 6 primary and increased to include secondary Year 7.
  • Delivered between October and Middle of December

School Leavers:   Spring Term Remains the same.

MenACWY and TdIVP 2 Dose

Year 9 pupils


Consent for vaccinations is usually given by the signing of a consent form. You will receive notification of the vaccination dates from us via letter and/or text.

You can find out more about the immunisation programme here

If you have any questions please contact the school nurse team via: