The Art A Level is designed to encourage students to develop skills, creativity, imagination and independence based on personal experience, taught skills and critical understanding. Students’ show this through their responses to a range of stimuli. They will develop a deep understanding of their chosen specialism and the ability to critically evaluate their own work and the work of others. Students’ are able to tailor their course to fit their individual needs, choices and aspirations in order to follow their chosen progression route through to Further Education or the workplace.

This qualification provides opportunities for developing an understanding of spiritual, social, ethical and cultural issues, together with the awareness of environmental issues, health and safety considerations.

OCRs ‘A’ Level in Art and Design builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding established by the National Curriculum for Art and Design and is designed to contribute to the quality, breadth of choice and coherence of national provision.

It provides an opportunity for students’ to  take a personal interest in why Art and Design matters and to be inspired and changes  by studying a coherent, worthwhile course of study and gain experience of the working  practices of individuals, organisations and creative and cultural industries. It provides freedom for students to experiment and take risks with their work whilst developing their own style.

It is designed to allow teachers to manage the diversity of different skills, knowledge and understanding required within the specialisms and area of study.

The aims and learning outcomes:

  • Intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities.
  • Investigate, analytical, experimental, practical technical and expressive skills, aesthetic understanding and critical judgment.
  • Independence of mind in developing, refining and communicating their own ideas, their own intentions and their own personal outcomes.
  • The experience of working with a broad range of media.
  • An understanding of the interrelationships between art, craft and design processes and an awareness of the contexts in which they operate.



Students would benefit from studying Art and Design or a similar subject at GCSE level or equivalent, and securing a minimum C grade prior to studying A Level Art. This provides students with a good base knowledge and understanding of the course requirements.