Every single member of the academy staff works hard to ensure that the site is immaculate, the classrooms are clean and tidy, the paperwork and filing are organised accurately and professionally. Student support is in place ready for when needed and lessons are planned and delivered so that all students make outstanding progress.  Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff are committed to supporting every student.

The Senior Leadership Team


Mrs F. Chapman f.chapman@charteracademy.org.uk

PA to the Principal 

Mrs S White s.white@charteracademy.org.uk

Vice Principal

Mrs E. Morey e.morey@charteracademy.org.uk

Vice Principal

Mrs P. Dawson p.dawson@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant Principal

Ms J.Bailey j.bailey@charteracademy.org.uk (on maternity leave)

Assistant Principal

Miss G. Duffy g.duffy@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant Principal

Ms. V Hart v.hart@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant Principal

Mr J. Hayter j.hayter@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant Principal

Mr Z. Morgan z.morgan@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant Principal

Mr R. Williams R.Williams3@charteracademy.org.uk

Heads of Faculty

Humanities - Miss E. Bennett e.bennett@charteracademy.org.uk

Science & CPS - Mr D. Medway d.medway@charteracademy.org.uk

Expressive Arts – Ms S. Cowern s.cowern@charteracademy.org.uk

Heads Of Department

English - Mr J. Hayter j.hayter@charteracademy.org.uk

Maths - Mr R Williams R.Williams3@charteracademy.org.uk

MFL – Ms K. Fowles k.fowles@charteracademy.org.uk

Geography  – post being recruited to. Please contact Miss E. Bennett e.bennett@charteracademy.org.uk in the interim.

Art - Miss J. Bryce j.bryce@charteracademy.org.uk

Drama - Ms K. Claxton k.claxton@charteracademy.org.uk

Music- Miss N. Steaggles n.steaggles@charteracademy.org.uk

PE – Mr L Tindal l.tindal@charteracademy.org.uk

Computing Science - Mr N. Thornton (Subject Lead) n.thornton@charteracademy.org.uk

Business Studies- Ms D.Ralston (Subject Lead) d.ralston@charteracademy.org.uk

Religious Education and PSHE- Miss C. Cotton c.cotton@charteracademy.org.uk

Alternative Provision - Mr L. Tindal L.Tindal@charteracademy.org.uk

Heads of Year

Year 11 –  Mr I. White i.white@charteracademy.org.uk

Year 10  – Mr L.Murray l.murray@charteracademy.org.uk

Year 9 - Mrs K. Rickman  k.rickman@charteracademy.org.uk

Year 8 - Ms. V Hart v.hart@charteracademy.org.uk

Year 7 - Mr J.White j.white@charteracademy.org.uk

Assistant to Heads of Year - Ms C. Gosling c.gosling@charteracademy.org.uk

House Leaders

Hawking -  Ms. L Dulson

King -  Ms K. Claxton

Obama -  Miss N. Steaggles 


Mrs P. Dawson -  SENCO p.dawson@charteracademy.org.uk

Mrs C. Dunn - SEND Coordinator c.dunn@charteracademy.org.uk

Mrs P Dawson- Designated Safeguarding Lead p.dawson@charteracademy.org.uk

Mrs D. Howe - Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer d.howe@charteracademy.org.uk

Ms V. Hart - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Lead Teacher for LAC v.hart@charteracademy.org.uk

Teachers (in alphabetical order)

Ms F. Alexander - Teacher of Art 

Miss. M. Alves Goncalves - Teacher of RE

Mrs R. Antar - Teacher of Maths 

Miss M. Appleton - Teacher of Geography 

Mr B. Armstrong - Teacher of English 

Miss G. Breach - Acting Deputy Head of Science and CPS Faculty

Miss A. Campbell - Teacher of History

Mrs R. Canessa-Pollard - Teacher of Science (ATT)

Mrs C. Carter - Teacher of Maths (ECT)

Miss L. Carveth-Marshall - Teacher of Science (ECT)

Mr D. Cook - Teacher of Science 

Mr A. Duke - Teacher of Science (ATT)

Ms. L. Dulson - Teacher of Drama and English

Mr O.Edwards - Lead Practitioner Maths 

Mr M. Francis - Teacher of Maths 

Mr M. Ghani-Zadeh- Teacher of Maths (ECT)

Mr W. Hobson - Teacher of Media Studies 

Miss A. Jenkinson - Teacher of Connect Intervention Programme

Mr V. Kaddy - Teacher of Connect Intervention programme and Alternative Provision

Mr P. Kapnisi - Teacher of Science 

Mr M. Kehoe - Lead Practitioner English

Mr S. Kinsella - Teacher of PE

Miss E. Loveridge - Teacher of Maths (ECT)

Ms J. Mack - Teacher of English

Ms R.Moger - Teacher of Academic Support 

Mr. L Murray - Teacher of PE/Head of Year 10 

Mr. W Norton - Teacher of PE

Mr B. Ottesesn - Peripatetic Music teacher

Miss E. Powell - Teacher of Geography (ECT)

Ms M Price – Teacher of Science (ECT)

Mrs K. Rickman - Teacher of Humanities/Head of Year 9

Mrs J. Rook - Lead Practitioner

Miss G. Top - Teacher of MFL 

Ms C. Torr - Deputy Head of English

Mr O. Turner - Teacher of RE and History

Mr I.White - Teacher of PE/Head of Year 11 

Mr J. White - Teacher of Maths and PE/Head of Year 7

Site Services

Premises Manager – Mr S. Goodwin

Senior Premises Assistant - Mr E. Goodwin


Head of Kitchen – Mr V. Bonniot

Chef - Mr H. Saunders

Catering Assistant – Mrs P. Seale

Catering Assistant – Miss K. Clark

Kitchen Porter - Mrs M. Tsikov

Admin Staff

HR - Mrs J. Morris

Operations Manager  – Mrs A. Norton a.norton@charteracademy.org.uk

Senior Finance Manager (Portsmouth Region) - Mrs N. Docherty

Receptionist -  Miss T. Maddison

Attendance Officer – Mrs P. Jolly p.jolly@charteracademy.org.uk

Exams Officer – Miss A. Monard 

SEND, Attendance & Communications - Miss A. Williams a.williams@charteracademy.org.uk.

Administrative Assistant - Ms S. Turner

Communications & Reprographics – Mr W.Monaghan 

ICT Support

Field Support Manager – Mr A. Taylor

Onsite Technical Engineer – Mr A. Wade

Onsite Technical Engineer - Mr P. Cornick

IT Apprentice - Mr C. Davies


Data/Cover Manager - Mrs A. King

Student Services

School Chaplain/Mentor - Mr I.MacPherson

Reflection Room Co-ordinator - Mrs C. Taylor

Pupil Support Worker - Mr T. Bolton 

Pupil Support Worker - Mr D. Beadsworth

Assistant to HOY 7 and 8 - Ms. J. Leggett

Librarian – Mrs C. Cohen

Careers Lead - Ms. O Riches o.riches@charteracademy.org.uk

Lead First Aider - Mr C. Shaw

Support Worker-Visual Impairment - Amanda Beauchamp

Cover Supervisors

Cover Supervisor - Ms K. Sugrue-Gee


Mr D. Banks - ELSA

Mrs N. Barrett (on maternity leave)

Ms R. Blades

Ms L. Beck L&PSA 

Mr W. Davison L& PSA CAP

Mr C. Page

Ms S. Richards L&PSA 

Mrs S. Spragg - ELSA

Miss C. Watt - HLTA - Maths 

Mrs P. Yarker - HLTA - Intervention Hub 


Art Technician - Mr E. Scott

Science Technician – Miss A. Stamp


Mrs. K. Baker

Mrs J. Beckley

Mrs S. Caller

Mrs P. Campbell

Miss N. Donald

Mrs J. Hodgkinson

Miss C. Little

Mrs M. Uzun

Mr K. Watts