Miss Duffy is Assistant Principal at Ark Charter. She joined the school in 2012 as RE NQT, and today she is responsible for Teaching and Learning, of ECTs, ATTs and Humanities.

Miss Duffy says she was attracted to the school by its ethos and sense of mission. Ark Charter has a strong culture of collaboration, and teachers have access to regular coaching sessions, weekly meetings and shared learning. Staff are offered the best training and support at every stage of their career. We benefit from Ark’s strong network-wide CPD, such as summits and Hub Days. These give us the chance to meet other teachers, take part in moderating, and plan out schemes of work. There’s also specialised CPD for Newly Qualified Teachers, who receive their own professional mentor.

The school also offers its teachers the opportunity for rapid career progression.

In this school it’s about how good you are and not how long you’ve worked here, and if you want to do more there’s always the chance. Ark Charter is good at judging people on their merit and ability. I was pleased to be recognised for the some of the successes we’d had in the school and in my department.

Ark Charter fosters a culture of teamwork where everyone works hard, and is doing their best for their pupils.