Culture and Diversity Week

We’re thrilled to showcase the incredible talent and enthusiasm of our students during Culture and Diversity Week at Ark Charter Academy!
Culture Week

From vibrant cultural dances to brain-teasing quizzes and mesmerizing djembe drumming, our students have truly outdone themselves.

On Friday, students were able to come into school in either Cultural dress or dressed in the colours of their flag. The mix of vibrant colours flowing through the playground was mesmerising! So many pupils took up the challenge of wearing cultural clothing and were incredibly proud to show off their heritage. Many even brought flags to show off at break and lunch! It was a real learning experience for all and got both staff and students asking each other questions about their culture.

We also had a stall selling cultural themed biscuits and the photography department with a photobooth experience across break and lunch time!

Staff and students were finally treated to a cultural dancing masterclass at lunchtime. A group of brave, very talented young people stood up in front of their peers and put on a show for all of us to enjoy. The dance routine was a mash up of various dance styles and music, fully choreographed by the students. It got the whole crowd clapping and cheering along; a truly wonderful moment for the Charter Community!

Thank you, students, for making Culture Week 2024 unforgettable!

Let’s keep celebrating diversity and creativity!