Southampton University visit

Miss Beck and Year 9 students visit Southampton University.
Southampton University

Miss Beck and several year 9 students embarked on an exciting visit to Southampton University, where they participated in a series of practical and stimulating workshops. These workshops challenged them to utilize their skills in creativity, teamwork, leadership, and to collaboratively develop ideas and products together.

I am delighted to announce that our students emerged triumphant by securing the first position for the final project. This achievement is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and exceptional talent. I couldn't be prouder of their remarkable accomplishment.

Moreover, I am particularly impressed by the impeccable behaviour displayed by the entire group throughout the day. Their conduct exemplified our school's values and reflected positively on our collective ethos.

The experience at Southampton University left a profound impact on all of us, with many expressing a newfound admiration for the institution. I must admit, even I found myself tempted to revisit my own academic pursuits!

Congratulations to Indie, Obaida, Deborah, Belle, Ayaan, Sadiyah, Kacey, Millie and Anesu for producing a brilliant idea for a revision app and website and for having the courage to stand up and present rather excellently in front of the other schools.

Their success today fills US with immense pride and optimism for the future.

Southampton University Visit